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Auzhó offers anyone who wishes to practice yoga the opportunity to do so through coaching and classes where accessibility and adaptation are the core values.

Yoga, thanks to the positive values it embodies (respect for oneself and for others, solidarity, acceptance…) can be a very good vehicle for institutional communication.


Regular and punctual courses/workshops: 

– Can be tailored to all types of structures, for all types of people and according to your objectives

– Online or in person or hybrid, group / individual

– Simple to set up and no equipment required 

– A practice that encourages wellbeing and community


Become a partner / sponsor :

– Embody and spread your values of solidarity, openness and community

– Win-win collaboration: in return for financial support, Auzhó undertakes to offer free or low-cost courses and to communicate about the partner (to be defined, e.g.: publication on the website and social networks, newsletter)

– A strategy that fits in with your internal and external communication objectives: grow your community, unite around a common project…


Ask me to join your team as an expert in adaptive yoga and meditation

– Train your teams in adaptive yoga and meditation, so that your practices are accessible to all 

– Build together accessible and inclusive solutions to improve the well-being of your teams

– To act in the service of the structure within my network and external influence

Who am I?

I’ve now been disabled and chronically ill for over seven years, I’m well aware of the problems and dreams of people who are in the same situation as me.

Yoga is a practice that is now part of my health and wellbeing regimen, it’s even one of the only things that supports me. Through Auzhó, I wish to share my experience and all these tools with other people so they too can find a practice that serves them.  

Why yoga?

The practice of yoga lends itself well to serve people with chronic illness and disability of any kind. It is a practice that encompasses the whole person, body, heart and mind. It can therefore have a positive and lasting effect on physical and mental health:

– The āsanas or postures allow you to train and soften your muscles and joints

– The prāṇayāma (or breathwork) consists of controlling and concentrating on one’s breathing

– Meditation (dhyāna) is a mental practice of focusing on an object of thought, emotion, or sensation

– Philosophical reflection acts as a compass to live our lives in a fluid, dignified and happy way

The benefits of yoga and meditation are numerous and validated by several scientific studies. There are so many studies on the impact of this type of activity on our physical functioning and particularly on our brain, that it is now considered as scientific evidence:

  • Promotes independence: strengthening, stretching and supporting the body
  • Improves psychological well-being, including stress and anxiety
  • Allows relaxation and letting go : of the body and the mind
  • Balances vital functions : respiratory, circulation, hormonal, neurological, etc.

Auzhó is a space of mutual support and dialogue that aims to be as safe as possible, without judgement, where each person feels comfortable practising as they need to and as they feel.

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