Private class


No equipment needed


Private classes are wonderful as they’re all about you: individualised to your needs, capabilities, and objectives.

Each session is tailored for you and with you, and can include:

  • poses and flow for mobility, strength, flexibility (āsanas)
  • breathwork (prāṇayāma)
  • meditation (dhyāna)
  • guided relaxation  (śavāsana)
  • developing an at-home practice
  • guidance in applying yogic philosophy to your life

Using my own lived experience and extensive training, I am confident we can build together a practice that will suit you, especially if you have chronic pain, fatigue, or just want a gentle practice.

Please contact me so we can have a chat and build a session / program that suits you. 


Virtual : Zoom

In person: at your home (if you live in Epinal in France or close by)


Pricing is meant to be accessible and equitable, and follows a three-tiered scale:

Private class just you:

30 euros – Community Rate (discounted)
50 euros – Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
70 euros – Supporter Rate (supports yourself & others)

Private class for a small group of you and friends (up to four people, price per person) :

25 euros – Community Rate (discounted)
45 euros – Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
65 euros – Supporter Rate (supports yourself & others)

This is totally honour and trust based, I will not be asking you for tax documents or anything as proof. Packages also available when more than one session is booked at the same time.

Please consider what you can contribute, especially if you are in a position to pay at the higher end of the scale to support others who are not positioned to pay the highest tier. 

If cost is still prohibitive to you, please have a chat with me so we can find a solution.

How to book ?

Best way is to send me an email and we can discuss via email or arrange for a short call/zoom chat. This is so we can build together a class and programme that best suit your needs and objectives.