Who am I?

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Audrey– my pronouns are she/her/hers. Yoga has been part of my life for over 15 years now – it’s been quite a journey from gym classes to studio to private to home practice, and finally to teacher training and creating my own studio. 

Three fascinating facts about me:

  • I am French, originally from Paris – I love travelling, and I’ve lived in many different places including Manchester, London, Oxford and Barcelona. (Hence the language muddle in my brain).
  • My dog, Ruby, is the cutest smartest kindest funniest dog alive (I have proof)
  • Nature is my place of rest and joy. (Yes, I’m the weirdo hugging trees.)
  • Reading is my big passion (please let me know what is your favourite book), and I obviously have a fantastic sense of humour.

« Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. Yoga is truly a journey of both inner and outer fulfilment, and has the power to change lives, heal and uplift communities. Honoring yoga’s roots, we change lives. »

Susanna Barkataki

Flexibility is a state of mind

I’ve now been living with a neurodegenerative illness for over seven years, I’m also neurodivergent and have had chronic migraines since the age of 17. I’m basically tired and in pain 24/7. Acknowledging my limitations and my depleted energy, I had to find a new way to practice yoga, letting go of my competitiveness, sense of shame and guilt. 

My practice now helps and supports me, and my dream is to share all these tools with other people so they too can find a practice that serves them. 

Taking time to “just be”, present with our body (whether we see it as an ally or not), present with our breath, allowing us to rest. It won’t cure you, it won’t change the world, but it will help.

So, trust. Join us. Show up.


As a disabled and neurodivergent person myself, my philosophy is that the practice will adapt to the person, not the other way around.  Yoga is a practice that goes beyond movement: it drives how you live your life, your values and attitude.

It is with my lived experience and my knowledge of yoga that Auzhó was created :  all about adaptation, accessibility, and joy. Classes and support groups are open to all, regardless of physical and cognitive abilities, race, age, background, gender, or sexual orientation. The focus is on movement and mindfulness practices and includes philosophical reflection on our social position and role in our world today, as well as access to a community where mutual aid is key.

Training and education

I am immensely grateful to all my teachers for imparting their knowledge, expertise, and time with me:

I am also a proud Accessible Yoga Ambassador –  an active community seeking to increase access to yoga for people who have been marginalised or underserved. 

I believe in continuous learning and unlearning, in my own practice and teaching.


Auzhó is all about adaptation, accessibility, and joy. The focus is on movement (yoga) and mindfulness practices, and includes philosophical reflection on our role in the world today, as well as access to a community where mutual aid is key. There sure to be a class and offering that suits you!

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