Restorative Yoga – group practices

30 mins

Somewhere comfortable to lie down or sit



We will:

  • let go through small, gentle movements
  • invite stillness by holding a pose for a while (e.g. legs up the wall, śavāsana)
  • practise prāṇayāma (breathwork)
  • allow for rest and relaxation
  • and more…

There is no need for experience, expensive equipment, or specific abilities. It’s accessible to all, regardless of physical, mental, and cognitive abilities.

Practise in a chair, wheelchair, mat, bed or couch. Ideally a place where you can find comfort and ease (lying down is encouraged but not necessary). The practice will adapt to you, not the other way around.

Ideally with the support of some props e.g. blankets, pillows, stuffies…



Join us for Rest Rituals :

Spring series start on April 12th, sign up now

12pm ET, 18:00 Europe

Online – In English – recording available when you register

Suggested donations:
–       5-15 euros per class  (some free slots available, no questions asked, just make the request when you sign up)
–         10% of proceeds will be donated to Gaza Sunbirds and Sulala Animal Rescue

Register here

Feel free to send me an email for further information